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Areas of Application – Our Product

The ten most important areas of application of the STYROMAG produced caustically burned magnesia are:

1. Grindstone

For the manufacture of grinding stones for grinding marble and granite, two product groups are offered. The first group is made exclusively of crystalline magnesite of our Austrian stores and used in central, fine and polishing cross section (Styromag K10, Styromag K10/F, Styromag K15).

The second group consists of a mixture of crystalline Austrian and Turkish causter composed of cryptocrystalline. This product is used for coarse grinding (Styromag OT/S). Thus, the company covers the entire sharpening range from coarse sanding to polishing cross section.

2. Industrial floors

Also for the production of industrial floors, two product groups are offered. The products, which are made of pure crystalline magnesite from our Austrian stores, come primarily for undersurface to application. Partially, they are in use for dyed and natural coloured floors (Styromag OK10, Styromag OK11). Our product Styromag OT/F, which is a mixture of crystalline and cryptocrystalline causter is applied in the manufacture of light coloured floors.

In recent years Styromag has developed a mineral coating, called Naturalit. It is an approximately 5 mm thick coating on the basis of the classic Sorel cement, but with a dispersion coating. Due to targeted screening lines and aggregates, the Naturalit is introduced without additional smoothing (use putty, which Sorel cement is required for classical). The Naturalit is suitable due to the improved optics for high quality uses (such as designer floors for offices and living rooms).

The caustic for the applications referred to under number 1 and 2 is called sorrel cement.

3. Brake Pads

In brake linings the high temperature stability of caustic magnesia is used. In this application our product Styromag BR80 is used.

4. Mining industry backfilling and -protection

For the employment of caustic magnesia as bonding agents to the mining industry backfilling and -protection the product Styromag G80 is used. Due to its stability against salts and other aggressive materials, a permanent pit sealing can be achieved.

5. Fertilizers and animal feed

In the field of fertilizers and animal feed, the products Styromag DF80F  , Styromag DF83F, Styromag DF85F and Styromag DF83G  are used as magnesium carrier. Magnesium is for both, plants and animals, an element not found in the areas of metabolism and can be produced in the required amount. Therefore, if necessary, it must be put at disposal to the individual organisms and/or individuals.

The magnesia from Styromag is characterized by a high reactivity and can be particularly well taken up, therefore, of the economically used animals.

Our animal feed catalogue:

Animal feed catalogue

6. Pulp

In the pulp industry the quality Styromag Z10 with at least 85% MgO applies. Magnesia is used in the pulp industry primarily for the magnesium bisulfite as a renewable raw material.

7. Fire Protection

The industrial floors (Sorelzement), described under number 2, have fire protection quality (fire protection class A2). The Styromag develops at present a so-called foam sorel cement, that, with the redevelopment of inventory buildings (in particular timber beam floors) will find a special area of application (fire protection, noise control, thermal insulation).

During the production of fire doors the quality Styromag G75 is employed due to the high temperature stability.

Due to its outstanding fire protection characteristics the Sorel cement finds also an area of application in the building of ships (fire-restraining floors).

8. Wastewater treatment plants

In wastewater treatment plants the caustically burned magnesite finds application, for controlling the pH value and the binding of pollutants. In particular, in wastewater treatment plants of industrial companies the caustically burned magnesite of the Styromag is successfully used for decades.

See data sheet: Styromag Z10

10. Raw Stone
The raw magnesite finds in two different grain lines in the iron industry and steel industry his application.